Jacksonville Website Design Company

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you define a webpage?
A web page is any page on the Internet that can be accessed using a web browser. Whenever you click any link on the internet and are taken to a new screen view you are viewing a different page.
2. Where can I find some examples of your web designs?
You may view some of our web designs by visiting our client list at our Web Design Clients section of this web site.
3. Do You have any templates for me to select from?
Our pricing for Custom designed websites is the same as our template design price. While other design firms charge you a lot more for custom work, we will charge the same price for our custom as we do for our templates.
4. What if I don't find any template designs that I like?
No problem, just let us know what interests you the most, and also what competitor sites you have visited that you don't like. We will be happy to help you decide on what type of design will fit best for your particular category. After all, custom website designs is what we are all about.
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5. If I decide to use your web design services, how do I submit my content?
We have a special section of our website devoted to just that. At our members area you will find a Website Content Worksheet that will instruct you on what type of content is needed as well as how to deliver the content to us. Here we also provide you with a template to help you determine what pages are needed for your new website and to get you thinking about the structure and design as well.
6. When should I expect my website to be available to review after providing Jedi Marketing Concepts with my information?
Once we have obtained all of the information to get started you will generally be able to see some information to review within a few days, and in most cases we will have a first run for you to review within a week. Once you review the first run for content, structure and design you will be able to make changes which we should complete within a couple of days and have another review for you to see. Then there should only be minor changes to design and content and then we complete your site usually within a week.
7. How will I preview my site and how will I be informed of what's going on with my site?
We will have a special area on the internet devoted to your site and a checklist detailing what our conversation has been so that everyone continually stays in the loop on what's going on with your site. You will always be in the know.
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8. Are your e-commerce sites the typical "Out of the Box" type of open source software sites?
Not at all. Our shopping cart sites have all that you would expect from a shopping cart, detail list of products for sale by item and by category, and a secure gateway vendor area as well as a secure password protected Administrative area. We also make sure that your shopping cart part of the site matches the rest of your sites layout as well. All of this, and you can completely manage the shopping cart site on your own.
9. Once I choose a design package can I add additional pages?
Of course. You may choose any package and add as many pages or items to your site as you woudl like.
10. When should I submit my content to you in the project timeline?
You are required to submit all of your needed content in the beginning of the project in order to reduce any confusion and to expedite the process. We want to complete you project on time every time, and this process has to be followed to allow us to perform to our expectations.
11. Can I make changes after the project has started?
You will be given two opportunities to make changes in the design stage. If we have provided what you wanted and you make changes because you want to take your site in a totally different direction than first communicated then we will have to charge an hourly rate for the new changes. It is recommended that you make a decision on what you want and then make that site the best it can be.
12. I don't have any images for my site. Do you provide those?
The templates that you see come with the images associated with those templates. If you have a need for stock images other than what you see there then you can usually find what you need at comstock.com or istockphoto.com. We also do photography as well, and we would be happy to take any pictures that are needed to perfect your site. We specialize in digital photography as well as virtual tours phtography.
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13. When my site is completed, will I have access to it, and will I be able to update it?
We will provide you with the username and password to all restricted areas of your website for accessing information and to be able to update your website. You will need to have a working knowledge of ftp file uploads and such to effectively update your site. We do offer in most plans the ability to do your own content management of your web pages via a Word Type of wysiwyg editor. This makes the updating of your web content a breeze and you could assign anyone with general office skills the task if you so chose.
14. How do I initiate the Web Design process?
If you are ready to get started go to the no obligation quote form and complete the form. There you can provide all of the information that you would like to have us do for you. We again will reply within 24 hours, and we usually reply within 4 hours of receipt of your information.