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So, What is Website Hosting?

All websites start with a domain name which is purchased through a domain name registrar. Then the domain name is pointed to a server where the website files will reside. This server is the hosting server. It is necessary that this server adhere to all web consordium guidelines, and have the latest in technology as it relates to server language, accessiblity, reliablility, and security.

We have the very latest upgrades in technology and we look for any and all upgrades daily. You can rest assured that we leave no stone unturned for your peace of mind in security, and we utilize the latest in CSS3, html5, spry, and jQuery to insure that all platforms can view your information.

Email Offered

All of our hosting accounts come with available webmail and email accounts to your domain. You will also have access to a server control panel where you can add, delete, update your email accounts on your own as well as control your spam as you wish.

Our Support

We provide unlimited support to all website on our servers. We have maintenance plans that you may take advantage of, and we have a support staff that is on call 24 hours a day to handle any problem that may arise.

Hosting Packages

We basically have two packages in hosting. The first covers most small business needs and any personal website need for a low rate of $15.00 per month.

Our second hosting package covers any large hosting need. This is based on your web size and bandwith needs and in most cases costs less than $30.00 per month. Get started today with a "Free Quote".